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All over Europe, individualism, withdrawal into oneself and loneliness, are on the rise. Everywhere social bonds are growing loose. Each resident is invited to make a simple gesture at the same time throughout Europe. To invite your neighbours to share a nice time around a buffet or a luncheon, enhances social cohesion and creates new solidarities.



Through this exchange among residents, the sharing of experiences and good practices, this event gives to citizens the opportunity to interact with each other. This party enables them to participate in an ever closer and more human European community.



It is a simple principle: Neighbours' Day is an event which occurs every year at the end of May. Any city or social housing organization is welcome to participate in Neighbours' Day by promoting the event with the inhabitants using all the communication means at their disposal. It is then up to each resident or group of residents to organise their own parties. 

Neighbours Day allows its members to have a feeling of common membership. For more information, see our presentation brochure and download the registration form.